Our Story

The origin of The Individualized Apparel Group began in 1973 with the acquisition of the Individualized Shirt factory in Perth Amboy, New Jersey. To further meet the demand of a growing direct selling business, five years later The English American clothing factory was added. In the years that followed the IAG added the Brown and Church Neckwear factory (now Gitman Neckwear), Gitman Bros. in Ashland, PA, Corbin Trousers in Chambersburg, PA, Measure Up Shirt Makers in Lafayette, TN and Oxxford Clothes in Chicago. The IAG’s most recent acquisitions, and its first outside the US, are the TJ Chile Clothing factory in Santiago Chile and Coppley Clothing in Hamilton, Ontario.

At the IAG, rather than believing that you build a business, we believe in building people and then enabling those people to build the business. We believe in verticality and owning our means of production. In conjunction with our in house textile and retail partners we believe in serving our customers from the sheep to the ultimate consumer. Custom manufacturing is our DNA and we are committed to producing outstanding apparel in the US and North America and South America.

An even greater source of pride than our outstanding design and production factories is the talent, experience and commitment of our 2300 employee partners. Our artisans are uniquely skilled in the meticulous handcrafting of custom made garments.  Their outstanding work supports the committed efforts of our very experienced and professional team of sales, manufacturing and financial managers whose only goal is to provide the consumer with the ultimate buying experience.  Service and satisfaction is by its very nature intrinsic to a custom business.

The Individualized Apparel Group has throughout its history been a leader in the innovation and implementation of systems and technology designed to produce the world’s finest luxury apparel in quick turn and superb quality. Our unique portfolio of factories enables us to provide complete dress and casual collections for our customers and ultimately the end consumer. As worldwide demand grows, no manufacturer of apparel is better equipped to serve the retail consumer than the IAG.

Our Philosophy

At the core of the IAG there resides the understanding that we value excellence above all else and that we strive daily to make it a habit. From this nothing will deter us. 

We know that businesses are not 'built'. Rather, we believe that our time is best spent building people. Ultimately, it is those people who will build the business.

Finally, all of our people in positions of leadership at the IAG are owners of the business. This culture of ownership gives our people higher purpose, and purpose creates commitment. Being owners fosters that commitment and in turn, creates a resolve to be the best.

Our Strengths

The IAG remains after many years, the largest purveyor of luxury men’s apparel still manufacturing in America. The IAG's iconic brands are  made exclusively in our nine company owned North American and South American factories.

We are the largest maker of custom suits and shirts in the world. Custom is our heritage. We understand how it is made, measured, fitted, sold and delivered better than anyone.

At the IAG, our greatest strength is our people. Founded over forty five years ago, our business is deeply rooted in the art of selling and serving customers. In other words, our people work shoulder to shoulder with our customers to build their business. There is no substitute for building direct and personal relationships with customers. The end customer’s satisfaction is our only focus.

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